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Cross-Sectional Depth Profiling of Accelerated and Field-Aged Backsheet Materials

DuraMAT is preparing photovoltaic (PV) backsheets, which underwent accelerated and field testing in the DuraMAT BACKFLIP project, for cross-sectional examination to understand the degradation through each backsheet layer and their interfaces.

Characterization methods include Raman spectroscopy and indentation studies.

PV backsheets are the traditional rear-surface material in a PV module, exposed to the outside environment. Backsheets are typically multilayer composites made with different polymer materials that each address properties such as electrical insulation or environmental durability.

Core Objective

Fielded Module Forensics


Sandia National Laboratories and National Renewable Energy Laboratory


This work will provide insight into the reliability of known and emerging backsheet materials and is proposed to increase the understanding of the recent BACKFLIP project by examining the cross-section. If the material degradation can be better understood, this facilitates improved material selection for module designs, lifetime predictions, and rate modeling by degradation mode. Where loss of mechanical integrity or electrical insulation was observed in BACKFLIP, the enabling mechanism is here studied using layer-specific examination.


Data and analysis from this study will be published on the DuraMAT Datahub.


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To learn more about this project, contact Elizabeth Palmiotti.

A backsheet indicating how Raman spectroscopy and nano indentation are used to assess degradation of each layer, compare accelerated to fielded, and understand BACKFLIP results.