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DuraMAT provides a suite of easily accessible capabilities to facilitate applied research and development. Equally important, we understand the technical issues that you need to address and can help you develop a team using these capabilities to come up with solutions. We integrate the following core objectives into our research strategy.

Core Objectives

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Central Data Resource

Collect and disseminate module reliability data, and apply data science to derive new insights.
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Multi-Scale, Multi-Physics Model

Develop modeling tools to rapidly scale accelerated testing results and quantitatively assess the impacts and degradation modes of new materials and designs.
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Disruptive Acceleration Science

Focus on understanding how PV materials, modules, and systems will perform outdoors based on relatively aggressive experimental conditions.
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Fielded Module Forensics

Quantify and characterize module failure modes during outdoor exposure, and study changes in materials and performance properties during testing and deployment.
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Module Materials Solutions

Design, develop, de-risk innovative materials and module architectures to address PV reliability issues using DuraMAT capabilities.

List of Projects