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DuraMAT’s projects use, leverage, and build upon the capability network to study module material durability and module reliability. They include:

  • Material development and characterization
  • Material degradation
  • Development of test methods and characterization techniques
  • Studies of module reliability.

University professors and companies in the module value chain lead the projects.  As part of their scope, each project team significantly collaborates with a national laboratory.

Current Projects

Materials Discovery, Selection, and Design Using Software Tools

New Concepts for Reliable Low-Cost Module Encapsulation and Barrier Technologies

Advanced Multifunctional Coatings for PV Glass to Reduce Soiling and PID Losses

Electromechanical and Mechanical Stress Testing of Grid Fingers, Busbars, and Modules

Failure Mechanisms in Electrically Conductive Adhesives

A Hybrid Hydrophobic-Hydrophilic Coating with Combined Anti-Reflective and Anti-Soiling Properties

Highly Conductive, Low-Cost Polymer Adhesive Composites with Complex Dimensional Fillers

Direct Imaging of Stress in Crystalline Silicon Modules

Scalable Packaging Materials for Roll-To-Roll Processed Thin Film Solar Cells


DuraMAT solicits project proposals in a competitive, peer-reviewed process once each year. We announce them on our website, via the DuraMAT email list, and at our spring and fall workshops.


To learn more about DuraMAT’s projects, contact Teresa Barnes.