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Investigation of Interfacial Degradation in Glass/Glass Photovoltaic Modules

DuraMAT aims to provide chemical, structural, and mechanical insights that will enable a cutting-edge understanding of the degradation mechanisms present in glass/glass photovoltaic (PV) module interfaces. 

We will develop and adapt imaging, adhesion measurements, and interfacial characterization methods for the glass/glass module geometry. Comparison between the performance of glass/glass and more conventional glass/backsheet modules subjected to stress testing will allow us to begin to quantify the potential increase in reliability for glass-glass module construction.

Core Objective

Fielded Module Forensics


SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

National Renewable Energy Laboratory


The glass/glass characterization methods used in this project can provide additional insights for other glass/glass reliability projects. The project team invites collaboration with other groups interested in this area.


The capabilities developed in this project are available to DuraMAT team members and external collaborators.


To learn more about this project, contact Laura Schelhas.

Image titled "Glass/Glass Module Reliability": "Field Testing" with an image of a sun hitting a solar module; "Accelerated Testing” with a photo of modules being tested; and “Characterization"  with chart images showing "Module Scale" and "I-V Reflectance" on the rear side and front side, and chart labeled "Interfacial Characterization."