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DuraMAT Data Hub

The DuraMAT Data Hub framework creates a “virtual lab” forum to facilitate and enable the distribution of work across the consortium. It provides the platform to communicate research and to possibly leverage data beyond its original intent, enabling new understanding.

This centralized resource for PV-centric data enables researchers to share their data with the greater research community, discover new data sets, and explore new collaborative opportunities with consortium members.

The Data Hub is constructed on the CKAN software framework and has been customized to meet the requirements of the Energy Materials Network (EMN). It provides project-level security and a means of disseminating data to the public as needed. The framework also provides search and visualization tools. Additionally, a software API is available to facilitate access for uploading or downloading data from the Hub. See Figure 1 below.

Visit the Data Hub.

Primary Capability Area

Data Management and Analytics


National Renewable Energy Laboratory


  • It provides you with a location to store and communicate data to other collaboration members within DuraMat and eventually a platform for public release.
  • We securely protect and back up the archives.
  • You can visualize and explore certain data formats directly in your web browser.
  • You can also search metadata and data to compare or locate important items.


Any members of the DuraMat EMN can access and use the Data Hub. The public has access to some data sets that have been tagged for public release.


To learn more about the Data Hub, contact Robert White.

General Researchers

To access the Data Hub, email Robert White the following information:

  • Your name
  • Affiliated institution
  • DuraMat projects or capabilities (present or future).

Project Leads

If you are setting up a new capability or project, email Robert White the following information:

  • Name of funded project or capability
  • Abstract of the work to be done
  • Your contact information
  • Institution or company
  • Any other institutions, labs, or universities working with you on the project
  • List of people who will be working with you.
Flowchart showing how consortia partners and members manually upload and access data from a web interface, which houses the data warehouse containing raw data archives of metadata and data; how an API from the data warehouse pushes out data to LBNL's, SNL's, and NREL's analysis systems;  how reliability and materials databases extract and translate data for the analysis systems via another API; and how consortia members, partners, and the public can access the analysis systems via a secured access layer.

Figure 1. Schematic of the DuraMAT DataHub. Enlarge image