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Request for Proposals

DuraMAT releases requests for proposal (RFPs) to fund private companies in the solar industry to conduct research and development on modules and materials with the national labs. In addition to supporting U.S. PV and supply-chain manufacturers, this work has the potential to benefit solar financiers and developers by making performance and reliability data available to the public.

Current RFPs

The Bay Area Photovoltaic Consortium (BAPVC) released an RFP for research on New High-Impact Concepts in Solar Photovoltaic Module Packaging. The purpose of this RFP is to identify and support research aimed specifically at innovative new concepts in solar PV module packaging with the potential for a decrease in cost and for improved module performance and reliability. Selected proposals will be part of the DuraMAT activity and provide investigators the unique opportunity to actively engage with DuraMAT and the National Lab Capability Network, which focus on solar module materials and designs to facilitate reductions of the levelized cost of energy.

Investigators from all domestic educational institutions are eligible to respond. If you are eligible, we welcome your proposal. If you are collaborating with an eligible applicant, please forward this information to that investigator.

Check out the proposal template and summary slide files. Responses are due by Tuesday, February 28, 2017.