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Request for Proposals

DuraMAT releases requests for proposal (RFPs) to fund private companies in the solar industry to conduct research and development on modules and materials with the national labs. In addition to supporting U.S. PV and supply-chain manufacturers, this work has the potential to benefit solar financiers and developers by making performance and reliability data available to the public.

Current RFPs

Currently, there are no open DuraMAT RFPs. When new RFPs are made available, they will be listed here.

DuraMAT is accepting Spark proposals on an ongoing, quarterly basis. Spark proposals are intended to be short-term projects (6-9 months) that serve a defined need, bridge gaps in DuraMAT's capability areas, or address a previously unidentified opportunity for research to impact the PV industry.

Past RFPs


Industry RFPs:

DuraMAT Solicitation for Letters of Interest (SLOI)—Energy Materials Network Consortium for Durable Module Materials Program: Design, Testing, and Production of Advanced Materials Innovative Project Opportunity

This RFP focused on the rapid discovery, development, de-risking, and commercialization of new durable materials and designs for PV modules with the potential to improve performance and lifetime, while substantially reducing the levelized cost of electricity.

  • Released: 3/14/2017
  • Closed: 5/1/2017
  • Status: Projects Pending Final Award Negotiation

University RFPs:

Bay Area Photovoltaic Consortium (BAPVC): New High-Impact Concepts in Solar Photovoltaic Module Packaging

This RFP focused on opportunities beyond the cell level, including innovative packaging concepts, such as materials and designs required for assembling, and encapsulating and interconnecting cells, as well as novel implementations of light management for improved quantum efficiency using light scattering, antireflective coatings, and interconnects.

  • Released: 1/17/2017
  • Closed: 2/28/2017
  • Status: Projects Awarded

Quantum Energy and Sustainable Solar Technologies (QESST): Advanced Concepts in Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Module Packaging

The focus areas of this RFP were bottom-up approaches for predictive failure, advanced module design, materials and performance, and operando measurement of materials and devices.

  • Released: 5/2/2017
  • Closed: 5/24/2017
  • Status: Projects Awarded